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SaaS Model

SaaS Model

The attention that Almaviva pays in creating SaaS solutions is based on the experience gained in the design of cloud architectures, in the construction of complex infrastructures and services with the utmost attention to security and compliance aspects, and in a consolidated experience in managed services.

Maximum benefit from the capabilities of the Cloud Service Provider and maximum commitment to innovation of the software solution enable AlmavivA professionals to transfer the maximum value to customers.

Scalable, resilient, secure: Almaviva SaaS applications consist of a set pf solutions and products dedicated to specific markets - Transport, Public Administration, Finance -, which derive from careful assessment through application and infrastructure advisory, from the transformation and porting of legacy applications of the customer, or from the development of specific cloud native applications.

One model, many advantages

The Multi-tenancy approach allows for business growth by relieving the IT department from the effort associated with the development and implementation of custom solutions.

No hardware or initial installation costs

Payment per product and use time

Availability and scalability

Automatic Updates

Compatibility with all devices

Accessibility from anywhere

Option to customize applications


Technological solutions

AWS Cloud Experts and Almaviva developers accompany customer in the design and implementation of the architecture to ensure maximum security, maximum scalability, and performance.

By following AWS best practices and enhancing the Partner ecosystem, we offer customers the benefits of cloud technologies and innovations, with simplified onboarding, identity and access management, tenant isolation, and data security, designing and implementing SaaS solutions suitable to guarantee data protection and isolation.

Advanced networking solutions

AWS Elasticsearch Service, search and analytics engine

Amazon EC2, for a secure and scalable processing capacity

AWS Backup, a fully managed and centralized backup service

Amazon RDS, to simplify the setup, operation, and sizing of relational DBs

Amazon Api Gateway, to simplify the creation, maintenance, and monitoring of APIs

Amazon CloudFront, a fast content distribution network

Amazon Route53, a scalable and highly available DNS service

Amazon S3, an object storage service with high performance, availability, scalability, and security

AWS Lambda, a serverless solution to execute code for any type of application

Identity and Access Management (IAM), for managing access security

Amazon Kinesis, for the processing and analysis of data flows in real time


Case Study

CheckMe, the free tool to monitor Internet access security

An instantaneous work, study, entertainment or private financial transaction station risk check

Joshua CyberRisk Vision

Joshua offers organizations an end-to-end solution to define, monitor, analyze, and improve their overall cyber security level, according to a predictive and context analysis approach, following a broad spectrum cyber intelligence-driven logics

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Case Study


Interoperability between insurance platforms

Case Study

The Multicash Platform

More streamlined back office operations, better interbank relations


The platform that allows tracking a product's supply chain on Blockchain to identify its origin and characteristics at each point along the supply chain

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