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Visa management

Visa management


Enhanced management of entry visa issue services to Italy


The customer commissioned the implementation of an application solution enabling visa issuing management.

Booking an appointment

at available centers through the Visa Request Portal

Deliver the different types

of visa according the the Italian legislation

Making reports to monitor

application effectiveness and operation

Providing multi-channel features

to enable access to services anywhere anytime



The provided architecture is a container-based multi-tier model. The architecture layers include the presentation layer, the logics layer, and the data layer.

The presentation layer is the component through which users directly interact.

The logics layer contains the code necessary to translate user actions made at the presentation layer into functionalities determining the application behaviour.

The data layer is made of storage supports (database, object store, cache, file system, etc.) in charge of the storage of data related to the application.

The use of AWS services has enabled the implementation of a SaaS-based solution, ensuring availability, performance, and security levels compliant to the industy best practices.

Almaviva Group has designed the Cloud AWS solution according to the Well-Architected Framework, ensuring a safe, reliable, and efficient solution in terms of performances.

Almaviva Group Managed Services guarantee service control with specific attention to cost management and optimization.


The solution introduces significant benefits in the management of potential load peaks, via means of scalability and availability mechanisms natively provided by AWS technology.

Moreover, sensitive data is managed through AWS services, which can ensure encryption, safe transport, and location within specific geographic areas, in compliance to the ruling regulation.

To learn more, visit the visa portal website (in Italian).

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