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A Cloud-first Country

A Cloud-first Country

Almaviva is a reference point in the revamping and modernization process of IT systems at the service of the country, from public administration to transportation, from financial services to the new needs that arise in terms of cybersecurity.

It works side by side with organizations that want to redefine cloud-based digital services through the revamping of technological infrastructures, solutions and instruments at the service of users and the general public.

Keywords: accessibility, transparency, security and interoperability


Almaviva is a leader in Italy in the ICT area applied to the Transport and Logistics sector and an increasingly more important player in the international market. From exclusive skills in the railway area to the definition of a complete offer of digital solutions and services for integrated local public transportation and intermodal logistics, Almaviva creates and manages mission critical enterprise solutions for mobility of people and goods.

Financial Services

Accepting the challenges of a sector in constant transformation, Almaviva has been guiding ICT evolution in the world of financial services for more than thirty years. Integrating them with the new potential of Cloud technologies, Almaviva provides services of open banking, digital payment, insurance management systems, data rights management, advanced data analytics, fraud prevention & detection, functional advisory, business operation consultancy and financial asset management.

Digital Healthcare

Machine Learning, Big Data, AI: digital technologies play a fundamental role in transforming treatment and health processes, beginning with the clinical and diagnostic aspects and going all the way to organizational and logistical aspects, ensuring flexibility for the system and freeing up resources. With digital care company between the public and health governance on the front lines of research and experimentation, Almaviva offers Cloud solutions to redesign the health ecosystem through a people-centered model.

Local Government

Whether we are talking about accounting and taxed, cultural heritage, defense, health, agriculture or social security, Almaviva has always collaborated with the development of the State’s information systems assets, accompanying administrations in their process of digital growth. With unique experience in Italy, Almaviva solutions favor new opportunities of relations between institutions and the public in cultural and operational terms, in line with the principles of Open Government. From the central institutions to the territories. From the metropolis to the small town.


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Technological solutions

Almaviva has a range of technological solutions in its portfolio, developed through the adoption of AWS instruments, which translate into significant benefits for its customers: suitable optimization of costs and reduction of Time to Market, better flexibility, scalability, security, resilience and elasticity of the IT services.

Big Data

For customers in the Financial and Health Services markets, Almaviva provides analysis and data platforms which, using a broad range of Cloud technologies and services, allow them to take full advantage of the information processed by business resources and applications. Thanks to AWS Big Data instruments such as AWS EMR, Almaviva solutions let organizations take use data like never before to increase their competitive advantage through Petabyte bench-scale analysis at contained costs, maintaining the high performance of the applications.

Containerized Applications and Micro Services

Stability, effectiveness, security: depending on the needs of the customers and the business specifications, AlmavivA creates applications with micro services architectures which allow simple and quick scalability, accelerating the time to market of new solutions and features and favoring continuous innovation. At the base of the choices made by Almaviva specialists are container management services such as Amazon Elastic Container Service or AWS Fargate or serverless processing services like AWS Lambda.


Almaviva boasts vast experience in defining the security logic of Cloud workloads, data and applications in AWS. Through a complete set of AWS services, Almaviva architects provide customers with maximum control to activate the most suitable security measures in relation to regulatory, compliance and business requirements. The Cloud solutions benefit from the physical and logical security measures implemented in AWS data centers and from a network designed to protect information, identities, applications and devices, and they meet fundamental security and compliance requirements such as data localization, protection and confidentiality. And, through Almaviva, the customer can obtain the necessary consulting on their infrastructures in AWS: security engineering, governance, risk management and automation, as well as analysis and compliance activities.

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