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CheckMe: the free tool to monitor Internet access security

CheckMe: the free tool to monitor Internet access security

Case Study

Connections from home have opened up numerous doors granting access to digital threats. The intensification of teleworking and remote studying, the sharing of home networks with different devices such as smartphones, smartTVs or other IoT items exposes the data and the systems connected to the company resources to confidentiality violation risks.

The health condition of your connection

CheckMe is a service conceived by Almaviva to identify and assess some primary security risks of the workstation connected to the Internet, used for work, study, entertainment or to conduct private financial transactions. It is also available in the enterprise version for companies.




CheckMe conducts a comparison between the public information available on the Internet, including the software versions released by the major web browser companies, and the IP addresses of systems that have demonstrated characteristics traceable to certain malware and command and control networks relative to known botnets.

Is your system secure, in need of an update or compromised?

Thanks to the information contained in the Joshua CybeRisk Vision database, Almaviva cybersecurity platform, through an analysis of the minimum digital resources required for navigation, i.e. IP address and browser version, CheckMe identifies any possible correlated threats and provides the user with a report.

CheckMe monitoring takes place accessing only public information and respecting Privacy, using non-invasive methods that cannot cause damage through passive definition analyses of the attack surface. In order to check for possible security problems, no attack simulation operations are carried out on the network conducting the test or on the user’s browser.

AWS scalability for a service that is always available

The solution draws benefits from the intrinsic characteristics offered by the AWS services and created in line with best practices in terms of the architecture and security of the solution.

The architecture was designed implementing mechanisms of AWS scalability in order to best support critical load elements and to keep the service highly available.

Almaviva guarantees an entirely new level of knowledge and comprehension of the cyber threat so that organizations can draft actionable cyber security strategies and obtain a concrete economic return.

Almaviva offers a complete and diversified panel of services, technologies and proprietary and market products which considers, on one hand, an increasingly more complex and sophisticated risk scenario and, on the other hand, the constant specific evolution of the major industries

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