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Case Study

Agency of national importance in the Insurance field commissioned the implementation of an application solution to manage estimates that guarantees interoperability with third-party platforms and high accessibility. Use of the solution is intended for both insurance intermediaries and consumers.

Acquire the information from the user needed to launch the process of querying the enterprises: vehicle license plate number, taxpayer's code, policy holder, etc.

Interact through the portal with the users to allow an informed selection of the variable offers from the insurance market

Interface with third-party databases to complete the information set to be supplied to the insurance companies

Interact with the insurance companies’ estimating systems providing the data required to apply tariffs to the risks submitted each time

Acquire and present the user with the results of the submitted request for quote in short times

Have multi-channeling characteristics to allow the service to be used in mobility both by the end user and by insurance intermediaries

Produce reports to monitor the effectiveness and operation of the quoting activity


The solution

The architecture proposed is based on a multi-tier model. The levels that make up the architecture include the presentation level, the logic level and the data level. The presentation level is the component the users interact with directly. The logic level contains the code needed to translate the user’s actions at the presentation level into the function that determines how the application behaves. The data level is made up of storage media (database, object store, cache, file system, etc.) that archive the pertinent data for the application.

Almaviva Group has designed the solution on AWS Cloud in line with the Well-Architected Framework, guaranteeing a solution that performs securely, reliably and efficiently. Almaviva Group’s Managed Services guarantee control of the service with particular attention to cost management and optimization.

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