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A new response to the need for controlling change

Almaviva presents a decentralized solution for creating a reliable and certified supply chain, from point of origin to end customer: Trace4Goods allows tracking a product's supply chain on Blockchain to identify its origin and characteristics at each point along the supply chain.

Records, tracks, certifies every operation: Almaviva solution makes the transactions between all the actors involved in the processes of production, distribution and control of goods safer and more transparent: public administration, industry, large-scale retail trade, producers, researchers, distributors, transporters, suppliers.

Information at your fingertips

T4G allows actors in a supply chain to digitize and dematerialize the entire production process and keeps information readily available within a decentralized ecosystem for control, verification, monitoring, dissemination and promotion phase.

Complete monitoring

T4G makes it possible to identify a product wherever it is in the supply chain so that it can be picked up, recalled and checked.

Safe and automated operations

T4G allows sharing non-repudiable data through the decentralized infrastructure of Blockchain technology: goods become assets and workflow is tracked transparently using encryption and smart contracts for safe and fully automated operations.

Reliable communications

T4G makes communications, both internal and external, reliable and secure, verifying the identity and authenticity of those who declare the actions throughout the entire supply chain.

Streamlined processes

T4G ensures procurement, logistics and payment processes, reduces documentation to be produced and facilitates process streamlining.

Protection of Made in Italy

T4G demonstrates the compliance of the goods with national regulations, prevents losses, improves safety, maximizes the correctness of declarations, fights fraudulent behavior, prevents losses [sic], facilitates control by the Oversight Agencies and Certification Entities.

Safeguarding your Brand

With T4G you can protect your brand and avoid being counterfeited, also opening up your own international distribution chain to extensions and additions, of other chains and individual contributors, so as to create an open and dynamic ecosystem.

Confidentiality and integration

Thanks to data obfuscation and encryption, T4G guarantees maximum confidentiality and can be integrated with vertical or legacy solutions to make every supply chain process certified, robust and compliant.

Currently delivered on Public Cloud SaaS, the solution is modular and easily adaptable to different customer delivery needs

Decentralized, permanently available and without any single point of failure

Safe by design, it ensures authenticity and permanent integrity of the data and transactions made

Supports different cost models up to the totally decentralized model and is absolutely transparent with an approved, clear-cut business logic


Next step? Extending the concept of traceability on Blockchain by creating a supply chain management platform 4.0

The same method can also be applied to other industrial markets, for example, to track origination of raw materials, certification processes, equipment and industrial systems testing and maintenance. With a similar system, companies will achieve more efficiency and greater control, becoming producers of tools supporting new supply chains, such as Blockchain Ready devices that facilitate reading and writing intelligent tags, able to dialog by exploiting the decentralization and Web 3.0 paradigms. All the activities fall within the National Industry 4.0 Plan.

"Our solutions are already used in business processes of large companies: some examples?"

Case Study

ROUGE, the hi-tech tag for PGI Sicily’s blood oranges

The fight against counterfeiting of “Made in Italy” citrus fruits now has a new ally

Case Study

eNology - coming to the defence of wine. Made in Italy

The traceability of wine provides consumers with a guarantee of quality and safety as well as underpinning the efforts of supervisory bodies to prevent fraudulent operations

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