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OBDA Systems

OBDA Systems

Advanced data management, a valuable asset for complex organizations

A subsidiary of Almawave since 2020, OBDA Systems is an innovative startup originating within the “La Sapienza” University of Rome that offers technologically advanced products and solutions for extracting key information from complex and large-size datasets.

Founded in 2017 by professors and researchers of the “La Sapienza” University who invented Ontology-based Data Management, OBDA Systems perfects advanced solutions for representing knowledge and data management.

The OBDM paradigm, from which the startup takes its name, is characterized by methods and tools that allow for accessing, integrating and analyzing data quality when managing a company’s information system processes, and integrates artificial intelligence technologies, in particular for the automatic comprehension of natural language, a field in which Almawave excels.

Thanks to the innovation fueled by OBDA Systems, Almawave is in a stronger position to offer artificial intelligence solutions and boasts a broader range of proprietary solutions linked to language and Big Data technologies to aid businesses and public administration bodies.

Semantic solutions for enterprise data management

Data virtualization technology for data governance through ontology and knowledge graph

OBDA Systems Management Team

Maurizio Lenzerini


OBDA Systems Management Team

Raniero Romagnoli


OBDA Systems S.r.l.
Via di Casal Boccone, 180/190
00137 Rome
Entirely paid-up share capital € 25,000.00
Rome Business Registry
Tax No./VAT Reg. No. 14177631000
Economic and Administrative Index (R.E.A.) 1501872
Company subject to the management and coordination of Almaviva S.p.A.

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