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#AI4YOU: the natural interaction with technology

Almawave is an Italian-leading player within Artificial Intelligence and natural language processing. It offers state-of-the-art proprietary technology and applied services to enhance the potential of AI within the digital transformation process of enterprise and public administrations.

With an international presence through its subsidiary companies (Almawave do Brasil, Almawave USA, and PerVoice), Almawave can count on innovative tech labs with over 220 professionals skilled on enabling technologies and major frameworks: - Big Data, Data Science, Machine Learning, AI Architectures & Integration – in addition to a deep knowledge on core business processes.

Almawave mission: making digital transformation real in everyday life, through a natural experience model in the human-machine interaction based on the advanced implementation of Artificial Intelligence. Proprietary technological assets enable voice & text understanding in over 30 languages, multi-channel interaction, data and information analysis to boost knowledge value and automation.

R&D labs

From technology to processes for immediate, tangible, and measurable results: Almawave organizes its technological vision through dedicated R&D labs.

Language Technology

Technologies and advanced models of multilanguage text understanding

The development of Iride® proprietary technology enables the understanding and interpretation of natural language-based multichannel interactions, the analysis of voice and emotion-based information through language, semantic and statistical models, enhancing such information for multiple businesses.

Speech Technology

Innovation in automatic speech recognition and multi-language translation

PerVoice speech recognition technology for multilanguage speech translation can exclude background noises, synchronize text and audio permanently, indexing audio-video files for keywork search, occurrence analysis, transcription editing and certification, subtitling process automation and phone conversation analysis.

Speech Solution

Advanced solutions for multichannel analysis of the voice

The engineering of products based on Iride® proprietary technology and PerVoice Speech Recognition technology enables voice-based information management and enhancement via means of multichannel customer satisfaction & engagement-oriented solutions.

Contact Management

Easy and efficient management of multichannel customer care processes, also in the human-to-human interaction

User-centric platforms enable inbound, outbound, Back-Office process management, as well as advanced e-learning systems.


Information-driven technology - A 360° vision

The most natural of human tools, the word, is the core of Almawave technological vision, to understand customer needs and deliver a user-friendly, fluid and fulfilling experience.

Almawave continuous innovation in the natural interaction between technologies and people driving the growth of business. Expertise, skills, and technological assets, integrated in one multimodal and omnichannel paradigm, driven by artificial intelligence, to address up to most complex needs.

Consulting Service

Digital Architecture

Big Data

Information Governance


Advanced business-driven solutions, from virtualization to information fusion. Integrating best-of breed market technologies to set up a high-performance ecosystem.

Almawave reference scenario integrated the potential offered by artificial intelligence in a functional vision to transform experience and knowledge management.

Almawave technology was chosen globally by over 100 customers to adopt new opportunities for efficiency, quality and growth in Marketing, Sales, Operations and Compliance processes.

Scientific research, academic network, continuous investments in R&D. An AI-driven vision to switch from technology to a suite of products fulfilling customer operations and business needs at once.

Iride® - The suite of integrated products – operating in over 30 languages, text & voice – to enhance information, transform processes, and create a better Customer Experience.

A modular and exhaustive ecosystem implementing artificial intelligence, natural language understanding, automatic speech recognition, dialogue management and omnichannel CX.

Almawave Management

Marco Tripi


Almawave Management

Valeria Sandei


Almawave Management

Antonio Amati

Vice President

Key clients



Ferrovie dello Stato Italiane


AGID-Agenzia per l’Italia Digitale



Regione Campania



Informatica Alto Adige





Ministero del Lavoro e delle Politiche Regionali




Banca d'Italia

Mercury Payment Services

Lazio Crea





Artificial Intelligence, NLP, Speech Technologies, Omnichannel CX, Big Data Services, Data Science

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