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Almawave do Brasil

Almawave do Brasil

Made in Italy people centered technology for the Latin-American market

Established in 2010, Almawave do Brasil provides large Brazilian enterprise with top-quality high-performing solutions for customer interaction and knowledge management processes, exporting the know-how built up in Europe to the South American market.

With its technological labs and centers of excellence, the Company is poised to become the leading supplier of people-centered technologies in the Brazilian market for the creation of multichannel interaction with customers in real time as well as the management, analysis, surveillance and optimization of corporate processes.

The Company structure entails:

A commercial area set aside for direct customers with dedicated areas for Solution Engineering, Project Management, Software Factory and Delivery, implementing solutions based on the Iride® Customer Centric Suite for the customers’ operational processes

A network of partners to whom it provides pre-sale and sales-support activities


Almawave do Brasil solutions enable:

Greater productivity and better customer interaction, thanks to a multi-channel “natural” language interface

A holistic customer approach put together on the basis of captured unstructured and structured data

Lower customer-response time, meaning reduced handling time

Reduction in strategy costs due to detailed real-time business intelligence

Tncrease in sales and credit collection, thanks to superior multi-channel tools

Substantial improvement in corporate know-how and process re-engineering


AI, NLP, Speech Tech, Omnichannel CX, Big Data Services, Data Science

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Almawave do Brasil Management

Valeria Sandei

Diretora Presidente

Almawave do Brasil Management

Domenico Rossi


Almawave do Brasil Informática LTDA
Head office

Avenida São Luiz, 50 - Edificio Italia
30º andar - CJ 301
São Paulo - SP
CEP: 01046 000

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