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Almawave USA

Almawave USA

Italian-style people centered technology for the North American market

Almawave USA Inc. is the American subsidiary of Almawave, the technological-innovation company of the Almaviva Group, set up in 2014 and based in San Francisco, with the mission to bring Italian technology-based products and services for the customer-experience sector to Silicon Valley.

Almawave has combined business vision and technological competence to develop the Iride® Customer Centric Suite, a solution that encapsulates all innovation drivers (semantics, statistics, automatic-speech recognition and adaptive interfaces), proposing a new people-centric way to interact with clients and turning around the customer experience.

In the pursuit of its business activities on American soil, Almawave USA Inc. has developed a commercial and market plan with a specific focus for each industry: TelCo & Media, Energy & Utility, Financial Services, Industry & Services, etc.). The technological and applications core of all exported solutions is located in Italy, where Almawave has its laboratories.

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Almawave USA Management

Valeria Sandei


Almawave USA Inc.
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505 Montgomery Street
10th-11th Floors
San Francisco, CA 94111

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