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Almaviva Green

Almaviva Green

Combining economic development and environmental protection is possible. Just do it together.

Combining economic development and environmental protection is possible, and Almaviva wanted to make it one of the group’s strategic goals: to become a “green” company.

Since 2008, Almaviva Green Project has been underway within the company in an effort to make Almaviva Group more environmentally friendly thanks to the company and trade union working together in an innovative model of industrial relationship:

Green Company

Putting into practice conduct models, organisational action and management of plants and logistics to reduce consumption and the environmental and energy-related impact of corporate activities

Green IT

Promote an approach aimed at the efficient use of information technology to reduce resource consumption and maximise the energy efficiency of the offered services and delivered products

IT Soutions

Enhancing and developing Almaviva experience, skills and technologies to innovate the company's commercial offering in the environmental and energy field

To prevent and reduce the negative environmental impact and energy consumption generated by its business activities, Almaviva has developed and implemented an Environmental Management System (EMS) and Energy Management System (EMS) which comply with the UNI EN ISO 14001 and UNI ISO 50001 standards and plan and systematize the group’s environmentally friendly behaviors as well as its efficient use of Information Technology, the improvement of which employees, suppliers and other interested parties are called upon to actively collaborate in.

For this process of change which will affect all areas of the company, an entirely new strategy was chosen, which has strengthened the joint efforts of the company and trade union, creating a combined and multi-faceted Green Team (with representatives from the different areas involved: Human Resources, Communications, General Services, Purchasing, Quality, etc.) whose job it is to promote and coordinate activities according to a detailed plan of initiatives to be organized.

In this context, the Company-Union relationship has developed higher levels of communication, thus improving the quality of the entire industrial relationship system.

Thanks to the project’s unique characteristics, in 2014 AlmavivA Green earned a series of recognitions:

Legambiente, the most authoritative environmental organization in Italy, listed it among the nation’s top 20 companies

A silver medal for "Good HR Practices" awarded by the Italian Association of Personnel Directors

National Champion at the European Business Awards, the most prestigious independent business competition in Europe


That same year, Almaviva’s SEM Smart Energy Management® solution won the “Solar Decathlon,” the World Cup of Green Architecture, with RhOME.