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Abruzzo Region Agriculture System

Abruzzo Region Agriculture System

Use Case

The technology shortening distances within the Supply Chain

Innovation in agriculture plays a fundamental role in the competitiveness of companies on the markets: access to digital skills and infrastructures can represent a significant competitive advantage. The process of adopting technologies highly depends on the perceived cost-benefit ratio, especially in an agricultural context such as the Italian one, characterized by the presence of numerous small-to-medium-size companies with limited IT knowledge and spending capacity.

In 2020, in the midst of the Covid pandemic, the Abruzzo Region put in place a project to give more value to Agriculture 4.0, through a platform implemented by AlmavivA and made available to the Abruzzo Agricultural Information System.

Protection of the "Made in Abruzzo" product guaranteed by Blockchain technology

A complete tool available to agricultural firms and their associations for the management of the entire life cycle of products and to meet the needs of companies in terms of traceability, certification of the Supply Chain, anti-counterfeiting and protection of the Made in Italy brand, brand enhancement, certified management of import/export procedures, geomarketing and promotion strategies.

A platform to support the traceability of Abruzzo agri-food products, created by Almaviva, digital partner of the regional project: a system for the collection, control, management, and certification of information to support the Agrifood sector integrating all the information, supply chain by supply chain.

The best integrated digital technologies

The regional platform publishes the supply chain on Blockchain, creating a renewed relationship with the market and consumers in which the Protection Consortium can play the key role in adding information that certifies the productions, to enhance and promote the agricultural and agri-food productions of certified quality and the territories expressing them with local companies producing excellence.

The supply chain is thus based on standards and technologies for the knowledge of processes and products, for traceability purposes and to offer new levels of guarantee reaffirming both environmental, economic, and social quality, efficiency and sustainability.

Easy services for operators in the agri-food world, guaranteed product traceability for consumers

The system guarantees consumers about the authenticity and origin of the products, the agricultural enterprises about the destination of their products and the intermediaries for the purpose of distributing the product.

The integration of digital solutions also supports the logistics and shipping process by optimizing and simplifying production handling operations and monitoring their distribution.

Greater efficiency of production processes

Lower operating costs

Best appeal for Italian productions


The supply chain requires traceability, sustainability, speed, less bureaucracy and food safety as well as help with effective simplifications to the export of the Made in Italy brand. This great process of innovation and revolution for the Abruzzo Region makes it possible to systematize basic elements for the new programming and for the activation phase of the specific projects of the recovery fund.

Farms are offered the opportunity to take advantage of innovative services: country notebook, precision agriculture, facilitation in regional administrative obligations, training.

An information asset made available to create opportunities

Traceability and traceability of productions? And that's not all. The solution created by Almaviva allows consumers to have detailed information on the "history" of each product, from the field to the table, but, through a continuous and constant introduction of innovative solutions throughout the production process, it also allows to effectively manage the Made in Italy supply chain in a global scenario.

Geolocated information that strengthens the supply chain. Georeferenced data managed by always connected applications, even on the move, and cooperation with the Public Administration. A valid support to the decisions of the bodies for the growth of the territory, a virtual pantry for consumers, an open community through social feedback to exchange experiences, collect consumer satisfaction and improve the customer experience.

The information system allows you to use the information taken from administrative procedures, to support farms in safeguarding production and to reaffirm competitiveness and the Made in Italy brand.

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