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Riccagioia Agri 5.0 Foundation

Riccagioia Agri 5.0 Foundation

An Innovative Hub of Sustainable Agriculture for Developing the Territory

Collaboration between public entities and private companies has given birth to a 5.0 regional agricultural hub that integrates public and private data, offers comprehensive services for farms, fosters a network of academic and corporate structures, and supports regional development.

The Foundation's project, scientifically supported by the University of Milan’s departments of Environmental Sciences and Policies, Agricultural and Environmental Sciences, and Food Science and by the Gallini Technical Agricultural Institute in Voghera, is realized through the creation of an innovation hub which serves the agricultural ecosystem. The conditions and services required in order to tackle and overcome the demands of such change will bring innovative business models to many farms in Lombardy and beyond, helping them to conquer the challenges of post-pandemic markets.

Acting on various strategic levers, both endogenous and exogenous, to promote the territory

A unique strategy and vision for long-term sustainable development through the adoption of new technologies, the development of digital skills, and an organizational structure that takes advantage of public-private collaboration.

A public-private partnership capable of implementing an innovative planning approach that also makes intelligent use of PNRR funds, and, therefore, establishing the conditions for the territory’s sustainable development, thus becoming a nationally recognized center of excellence.

A new kind of 5.0 regional agricultural hub that connects public administration to the territory and digitalizes the region's agricultural sector

The Riccagioia Foundation's activities include a laboratory for testing and customizing innovations that come from other sectors as well, the establishment of a training center for Agri 5.0 excellence and innovation, and the creation of new, more efficient and effective sustainable production models based on the use of new technologies throughout the business process, from production to product marketing, but above all with experimentation in the field.

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