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Satellite Monitoring

Satellite Monitoring

The Copernicus satellite earth observation program aims to make Europe independent in terms of its ability to track data regarding the health of the planet so as to facilitate management of natural disasters and support public policy needs.

As part of its Rural to Digital platform, Almaviva has created a solution that takes advantage of the constant availability, high frequency, and reliability of Copernicus’s data. The objective is to support agricultural operations through the development of strategies that optimize crop yield and quality, reduce operating costs, and curb damage caused by atmospheric events.

Thanks to the collaboration with AGEA, which in 2018 offered to evaluate the effectiveness of Copernicus satellite data in the verification and inspection of crops subsidized by the European community, Almaviva has created a crop monitoring system that makes it possible to perform objective checks using satellite information with automated processing.

This solution also lends itself to being used in the fight against the gangmaster system and other labor irregularities in agriculture, thanks to the immediate identification of labor-intensive areas and a system of risk indicators which allows inspections to focus on the highest risk areas.

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