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The system proposed by Almaviva agnostically offers added value services like that of being able to certify the supply chain of any product on the Blockchain. To guarantee product authenticity for consumers and to safeguard Made in Italy excellence, Almaviva offers each player along the supply chain the opportunity to certify and notarize, on the Blockchain, the history of the crops used to create a specific product.

By simply scanning a smart label (NFC, QrCode) affixed to the product, consumers and insiders can track the item, retrieving information and data from the Blockchain platform-based supply chain.

The platform allows producers not only to promote their product’s history, but also to share relevant informative and tourist information, such as brochures, fact sheets, photos, videos, and any material that’s useful for promoting their business and the territory.

Traceability via Blockchain technology has also been successfully developed for wine production and for the Sicilian PGI Red Orange Consortium, as well as Abruzzo Region Agriculture System.

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