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ReActive Academy

ReActive Academy

The financial & insurance services-oriented training program

ReActive Digital Services Academy represents ReActive Java-oriented training program dedicated to 25 young talent.

During the 6-month traiing program, in ReActive offices based in Turin, Rome, Naples, and Cosenza, participants will have the opportunity to acquire specialized skills in software development for the financial and insurance services sector, through a combination of study(3 months and on-the-job training that will prepare them to use the most modern technologies.

Candidates will be hired with an apprenticeship contract at the end of the 6-month internship.

The first edition of the program started in October 2023 with the recruitment of talented young men and women. There are 25 available seats. The first class started on 2nd October 2023.

ReActive Academy intends to promote a training program that guarantees a foundation of basic technical knowledge and the use of key frameworks (both market and custom), with time dedicated to experimentation, and practice in the subjects studied, allowing participants to develop appropriate levels of autonomy, with exercises on studied topics inorder to develop awareness, instead of just carrying out instructions given by frameworks.

Candidates involved in the training program of ReActive Academy will be supported by mentors encouraging participants’ learning and curiosity and working to establish long-term professional relationships.

To learn more, visit ReActive website.

Would you like to apply for the program? Send us your résumé to be part of future classes!