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Talent Digital Academy

Talent Digital Academy

Upskilling and reskilling on new technologies

Almaviva Digitaltec, Almaviva Group’s digital foundry, is deploying its IT expertise to provide with training programs through its Talent Digital Academy: an exceptional training opportunity for talented young men and women aspiring to enter the workforce. Those enrolled are given a chance to immerse themselves in the corporate culture and build meaningful relationships with potential future colleagues.

The Academy also offers internal upskilling and reskilling programs to give employees the opportunity to advance in a constantly evolving field, with the direct involvement of Almaviva Digitaltec experts as instructors, providing their vast experience and expertise to ensure high-quality training.

From public administrations to universities, the Digital Academy model can be applied to all large organizations looking to improve their IT skills. The content of the training programs is tailored to market needs and innovations, exploring and experimenting with emerging technologies. The duration of the programs and the training objectives are collaboratively built together with customers, according to their specific requirements.

Whether it is a young professional seeking a career in the IT world, an organization looking to improve its employees skills, or a customer eager to benefit from Almaviva Digitaltec’s expertise, the Talent Digital Academy supports journeys of growth and success.

Join us and get ready to reach your full potential in the digital era! Contact us to find out more.