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MOOVA Academy

MOOVA Academy

MOOVA Academy _A Talent Revolution_ Program

MOOVA Academy _A Talent Revolution_ is the program for young graduates and graduating students with an obsession for transportation. Students in Engineering, Computer Science, Economics, Physics, Maths, and other scientific disciplines will have the opportunity to join a large company, develop skills, and learn about trends in technological innovation applied to the integrated mobility sector and to current issues such as the cities of the future, sustainable transport, and terminal hub security.

The first edition of the program started in March 2022 with the recruitment of talented young men and women hired under an apprenticeship agreement. There are 15 available seats and recruiting sessions take place in May and October. The first class started on 2nd May 2022.

Among selected candidates, there will also be space for a maximum of 3 thesis students who will be completing their master's degree within 6 months. They will be accepted by the Company as interns in order to finish their theses. They will then be able to participate in the training program as part of the next class of apprentices.


The entire program is characterized by a continuous learning style that, for the first year, includes 60 days of training.

After a month dedicated to orientation and the acquisition of basic skills, the course proceeds with one day per week of Peer-to-Peer training as well as the use of courses offered on the most popular on-demand training platforms, always with the support of the Peer Education Team.

Every month participants’ level of learning is assessed via a gamified system of tests and rewards, while the MOOVA Academy certification exams take place at the 9th and 12th months.


96 hrs: an in-depth e-learning course on the MOOVA platform for training and certifying sales representatives, product experts, system architects, and developers

Peer education

192 hrs: exchange of knowledge between peers in both the technological field with digital innovation experts - digital dreamers - and in the methodological field - from project management to scrum

Face-to-face class-based education

96 hrs: courses tailored on the most innovative IT technologies and methodologies - UX & UI, Cyber Security, Machine Learning, AI

On-demand training platform courses

96 hrs: access to specific courses indicated for the perfection of skills – platforms: Pluralsite, Udemy; courses: React, Spring.boot


Two phases for getting to know the Company, trying out different roles, and experiencing the projects.


A blended learning program that offers a combination of delivery methods and frontier content, in order to truly enter the world of Digital Transportation.


Gamification-style tests and rewards. The results and scores earned at each of the check points and during tests will be added up and ranked for a chance to receive prizes and incentives.

Would you like to apply for the program? Send us your résumé to be part of future classes!