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Smart Land

Smart Land

Building smart territories

Innovating processes in public administration is a strategic issue. Thanks to its years of experience, Almaviva is the ideal partner to facilitate the digital transformation of local communities.

The application of digital technologies for collecting data from territories and transforming it into good governance and new services contributes to the radical change taking place in PA management, making public administration not only more effective and less expensive, but also increasingly capable of nurturing a transparent and fruitful dialogue with residents.

Almaviva for Smart Land

A Control Room dedicated to the territory

Almaviva has developed a scalable and modular platform for managing local areas, available in "single-city" mode and in a "multi-tenant Region" version, or "federated" configuration.

Territory monitoring

(pollution, landslides, unauthorized construction, environmental fraud)

Service-for-citizen network monitoring

(water cycle, utilities, smart lighting, smart parking, BIM, and energy management)

Mobility monitoring

(traffic, limited traffic zones, traffic lights, monitoring and promotion of sustainable transportation - train, public transport, car & bike sharing)

Tourism flow monitoring

Sentiment analysis

(local policies and services, issues with services offered)

Crowd monitoring


Smart City

From metropolitan cities to small towns, digital growth hinges on the value of local communities

Smart Region

From Smart City to Smart Region: a multi-tenant or federated model for governing the area, managing shared information and services

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