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Request To Pay SEPA

Request To Pay SEPA

Case Study

The new Request To Pay SEPA scheme to be added to the existing schemes (SCT, SCT Instant, SDD) , providing with a messaging service to transfer home payment requests.

Payment requests can be sent from one company to another, from a company to a private individual, or between individuals.

Usage scenarios

Collection of invoices between companies, where payments are made by ordinary bank transfer

Bill and other periodic and non-periodic charges collection at due date, made on creditor’s action

In online payments, as an alternative to debit and credit cards

Supporting payments at points of sale, with instant transfer of funds from customer to operator account


The first two scenarios are of particular relevance for suppliers are users of commercial collection services, such as SDD (Sepa Direct Debit), bank receipts, notified payments (MAV).


Automatic invoice reconciliation via unique identifier contained in the payment request

Payment notice dematerialization and electronic transmission of debtor acceptance or refusal

User-friendlyness for payers, who no longer have to re-enter invoice/bill data and are automatically notified in case of requests towards them

Customers domiciled in other Countries eithin the Euro Area can be reached

Collection and payments can be integrated with added-value funding services both for creditors and debtors (e.g.: buy now, pay later)


The solution

Almaviva Group has a team of experts on “Request To Pay” and other SEPA schemes, overseeing legislative changes, technical and market standards.

In this step we offeradvisory and consulting for benchmarking and market analysis to identify the advantages in the adoption of a scheme within the bank/PSP offer and credit company collection management processes, as well as defining timing and business model. Our team is available for both use case analysis and go-live support services.

Contact us to participate in discussions and training events on Request To Pay SEPA or for more information about our services.

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