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Smart City

Smart City

Digitalization and efficiency

The definition of a smart city goes beyond the use of digital technologies: a smart city is a place that integrates physical, digital, and human systems into traditional networks and services to make better use of energy resources and reduce emissions for the benefit of residents and businesses.

In fact, a smart city includes more energy-efficient buildings, integrated renewable energy sources, sustainable heating and cooling systems, smarter urban transportation networks, enhanced water supply, and improved waste disposal facilities.

A smart and interconnected future

In increasingly densely populated cities, residents want greater security, easy access to networks and services, total sustainability of choices and actions, smart housing models, and projects based on the principles of circular economy.

Almaviva for Smart Cities

The platform developed by Almaviva and configured for smart cities is tailored specifically to the metropolitan context, with central control and monitoring capabilities, a local observatory, and territorial event analysis.


IoT Platform

focal point for the collection and management of data from all sensors and dashboard interfaces

Big Data Platform

platform for the implementation of use cases within the domain of Big Data and database integration

Device Manager

management of IoT devices from the data collection & management point of view

Remote Sensing

3D WebGIS component for the analysis of data processed from images

SAR video analysis

system for monitoring and recording events from the VDS and active camera traps in the area using advanced AI algorithms



Digital services available to residents

in terms of information, including those related to safety & security

Digital services to support municipalities

for better local governance planning

Monitoring services provided by the city

with a focus on continuous improvement

Cost efficiency

for public authorities

Tool enhancement

already available to Bodies and organizations


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