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Smart Region

Smart Region

Shared ideas, resources, and smart services

Many urban centers have undertaken a transition process to build a smart city through the implementation of digital technologies.

Nevertheless, medium and small municipalities, as opposed to large cities, often struggle to easily apply smart concepts due to limited financial and socio-cultural resources.

Therefore, it’s necessary to find cost-effective solutions in order to extend the benefits of digitalization beyond the perimeter of large cities.

The solution is to create smart Regions within which ideas, resources, and services can be shared.

Almaviva for smart Regions

A common platform to manage different needs and data

Almaviva’s platform for smart Regions can be configured as a “multi-tenant Region”, a single instance capable of serving various entities or sectors, even those with different needs, by sharing information and data analysis related to tourism, municipalities, and the local area.

A federated regional network

The platform can be implemented as a federated network of different instances with various local and governmental capabilities, in which regional capital cities make functionalities and data available to smaller entities and in which information that is useful for managing and guiding the Region is exchanged with a central hub.



A technical model that reflects the area’s governance model

Sharing of technological systems

Sharing of data



Cost optimization

Efficiency and timeliness of monitoring and governance


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