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A new way of working towards a culture of sustainability

Organization, frameworks, and standards have been struck by a transformation that’s sweeping through productive, social, and administrative realities of all sizes and in all sectors. Spaces and timeframes, training and skills, processes and relationships: all are projecting, onto the employment universe, a change in perspective for those who, without adapting to what already exists, possess the ideas and courage of an innovative vision that will create fresh opportunities and generate new value.

As a group, we dealt with the pandemic by leveraging structural prerequisites – technology, skills, and professionalism – related to our digital identity. Aside from managing the emergency, the human capacity to respond to such a critical situation contributed to the development of a shared culture. This is where Almaviva’s plan for change and its organizational evolution also originate, a place where innovation and individuals are both essential drivers and key players. A project that’s keeping the different areas of the company busy rethinking solutions, tools, and frameworks to create a vision of the forms and quality of our work that must be see with the eyes of tomorrow.

An essential step towards a culture of sustainability, become is Almaviva Group’s design strategy, developed with the collaboration of employees, aimed at creating a flexible and integrated environment made up of both physical and digital spaces, inspired by a hybrid model of remote working, guided by the fundamental principles of trust, collaboration, autonomy, and responsibility, and focused on efficiency and results. A vision that centers around people, that values safety, sustainability, work-life balance, cooperation, and communication.