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Almaviva and employee's individual freedom

Almaviva and employee's individual freedom

Special leave for employees registered in the Civil Union Registry or married abroad

Since 2015 the Group has been expanding the horizon of corporate benefits

Paving a road that is as-of-yet unfamiliar in our Country, Almaviva has granted its employees in civil unions or married abroad a special leave of 15 consecutive days, recognizing 3 days of paid leave in the event of the serious illness or death of their partner.

Motivating the decision, which was based on principles of equal rights and a respect for individual freedom, was the daily interaction with many employees, their experiences, and a clear social reality.

“Motivated by several personal experiences and independent from any political orientation, we felt it was important, for a labor intensive company like Almaviva, to offer all of its employees equal rights and to recognize, at a corporate level, the diverse situations that exist within the scope of civil unions,” stated Marina Irace, Almaviva Group Human Resources Director. “One of our objectives is to respect and ensure the well-being of individuals. For us, this decision is a valuable investment that does just that.”