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PNT - Platform of National Telemedicine

PNT - Platform of National Telemedicine

Integrated health services and nationwide access to care


The Temporary Enterprise Grouping made up of Almaviva and Engineering (as the lead contractor) has been awarded the AGENAS concession for the design, implementation and management of the PNT - National Telemedicine Platform.

The National Telemedicine Platform enables greater integration among regional healthcare services, improving the quality of and access to care for individuals throughout the entire country, in keeping with the objectives outlined by the NRRP in the context of Digital Healthcare.


The target of the PNT are centralized governance and monitoring of telemedicine processes implemented at the regional level, facilitating communication between the central administration and local administrations, in keeping with what is outlined in the NRRP - Mission 6 Component 1 sub-investment 1.2.3 “Telemedicine”.

To implement the Telemedicine Plan outlined in the NRRP and manage the concession of the National Telemedicine Platform for the next 10 years, PNT Italia S.r.l., a joint company (60% Engineering and 40% Almaviva), has been established, led by Dario Buttitta, Executive Vice President of Gov & Healthcare sectors at Engineering, who will serve as President; Antonio Amati, General Manager of Almaviva IT Division, who will serve as CEO; and Giuseppe Sajeva, Director of PNT Special Projects at Engineering, who will serve as Technical Director.