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Platform of National Telemedicine

Platform of National Telemedicine

Use case

National Cloud-native platform for integrated healthcare services and nationwide access to care


Digital technologies play a key role in the transformation of healthcare processes, from clinical and diagnostic aspects to organizational and logistical ones, ensuring system flexibility and freeing up resources.

Digitalization is the process enabling the development of a new healthcare system based on data and information, system interoperability, user-friendly quick-to-access services for citizens, according to individual needs.

Technological and digital innovation to support the healthcare system for efficient local care

In Almaviva vision, the public healthcare model focuses on the individual and on data security.

Telemedicine supports and harmonizes the healthcare system, creating a network of clinical, healthcare, assistance, and social professionals capable of reaching individuals regardless of their location. This promotes not only their care, but also helps maintain their health through the coordination of inclusive and sustainable services.

The National Platform represents a strategic project for the Country, aiming to improve quality and access to healthcare for all citizens across the entire Nation by offering real and tangible benefits to people, thanks to the use of new technologies.


The PNT makes it possible to streamline and standardize nomenclatures, taxonomies, and coding at the national level, and ensures integration and interoperability with systems implemented locally, while at the same time maintaining a high level of independence, scalability, and ease of integration with the current and future regional and national digital ecosystems involved.

The National Telemedicine Platform allows the healthcare system to respond more promptly and efficiently to the needs of citizens, offering perceptible benefits to individuals in terms of accessibility, inclusiveness, efficiency, and savings by:

promoting the consistent implementation of telemedicine protocols across the Country, optimizing de-hospitalization and improving the quality of local care

bridging local gap and differences in terms of healthcare value proposition

improving clinical quality and accessibility to services at a national level


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