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Water cycle

Water cycle

Smart Water Management

Digitalization for the protection of water resources

In Italy, the fragmented and inefficient management of water resources results in an average of 42% being dispersed within the network each year.

In line with the objectives of the PNRR, which supports the improvement and sustainable management of the environmental quality of inland and maritime waterways, and, together with partners specialized in various technological fields, Almaviva Group has created Smart Water Management, an integrated system to improve the sustainability and efficiency of the water network.

Within this context, Almawave - Almaviva Group's company leading in Artificial Intelligence and natural language analysis - offers innovative solutions which support the processes of water collection, potabilization, delivery, and distribution, as well as management of the sewage and purification network, in order to provide residents with new services in cities increasingly smarter.

Innovative components, digital models, predictive processing, and one goal: improving the quality of the service provided to residents

Smart Meter Management

Smart Asset Management

Rational Water System

Predictive Maintenance


Field Services and Management Systems

Decision Support

The Aqueducts’ Digital Twin

The Smart Water Management platform creates a digital model of the network for the development of predictive “what if” scenarios, the creation of pre-localization dashboards, and the monitoring of water losses.

Cutting-edge technological solutions aimed at reducing water losses by taking advantage of satellite and IoT data from the field, geographic information systems (GIS), Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), Work Force Management (WFM), Business Intelligence (BI), and Key Performance Indicators (KPIs).

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