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Smart Meter Management

Smart Meter Management

Water network digitalization

Technologies and online platforms enabling IoT solutions, with sensors and devices connected to the network in order to highlight anomalies and potential losses, monitor and inspect the network in order to optimize water flow, improve service quality, and avoid potential dispersions.

Almaviva provides with intelligent meter management solutions to monitor consumption and detect anomalies, as well as reconstruct demand curves during budget calculation and loss allocation, and establish strategies to improve hydraulic and energy efficiency.

Remote management and control platform for smart water meters

Almaviva Centralized Acquisition System (SAC) is the remote management and control platform for smart water meters. It natively integrates the ability to communicate with smart meters through the main market communication protocols and supports the processes of deployment, reception of telemetric data in real-time or batch mode, and management of alarms from field devices, while enabling remote adjustment of these devices by telemetry operators.

Furthermore, Almaviva Centralized Acquisition System also provides administrative systems with consumption data to be billed for individual users, in accordance with the timing of the billing calendar, while also allowing consultation of consumption status to end-users and/or CRM systems.

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