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Smart Region - Veneto Outdoor for bike tourism

Smart Region - Veneto Outdoor for bike tourism

Use Case

Smart Region Ecosystem for sports tourism and use of the Regional bike path network


Enhancement of tourist bike paths, for which the PNRR is planning investments of €400 million in 2022-2026, to be spent on the creation of at least 1,235 new kilometers and extraordinary maintenance of the existing network.

The PNRR also encourages initiatives promoting the use of digital technology by cyclists riding on urban and tourist bike paths in order to improve their experience.

A new way to experience the Region

With the aim of promoting increasingly sustainable and inclusive sports tourism, bicycle tourism is a priority for the region as well, which shares the belief that bicycle tourism can give a significant boost to the Country’s growth.

With a focus on bicycle mobility and outdoor tourism, the Smart Region Veneto Outdoor ecosystem takes advantage of the services and data made available by the My Data platform, built by Almaviva with specific verticals in the IoT, Big Data, and AI fields.

Internet tools and a mobile app available on a single public services platform for use by sports tourists, which can be integrated with the services already offered in the area.

The Smart Region Veneto Outdoor Ecosystem for bicycle tourism enables:

Tourist offices

to address the needs of new hikers/excursionists

Local businesses

to make themselves visible in order to provide extensive user experience

New "explorers"

to have a new kind of travel experience thanks to qualified services and information accessible anywhere and at anytime



Almaviva solution offers a platform that is secure in terms of IT and stable in terms of storage and data management. It is also modular, interoperable, and scalable with new data streams to better meet the needs of regional cycling mobility.

Using specific algorithms, the Smart Region Veneto Outdoor Ecosystem for bticycle Tourism provides increasingly useful tourism information to administrations and users:

Real-time geolocation

in the event of a lost or stolen vehicle, with a system that notifies the owner

Quality monitoring

of the air along selected routes

Automatic emergency call

in the case of accidents, etc..


Through GIS-based technology, the platform integrates services and makes information that is contextually relevant and personalized according to users’ interests available in order to provide with better local user experience:

Information on traffic and infrastructure

to monitor status of traffic and the condition of bike lanes in real time

Information on services

to book a tour guide or event, or make a hotel or restaurant reservation


to create a list of favorite places and a log of experience


to share comments and feedback on locations, services, and travel experience


Smart Region - Veneto Outdoor is also a solution for:

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