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Sports as a catalyst for tourism

Sports can have a significant impact in generating tourist traffic, not only through major international sporting events, but also through local athletic activities and tourist destinations that offer outdoor athletic experiences.

Cities that invest in high-level sports infrastructure have the potential to attract more sports tourism, generating a positive economic impact on the Region.

The digital transformation of the Sports sector

Digital transformation and the technologies which support it provide new opportunities to innovate the processes and services offered and to improve the spectator experience and experience of those who participate in athletic events and sports tourism initiatives, thanks to the following tools and platforms:

Wearable devices

to monitor athletes' performance and health status in real time during athletic activity

Data Analytics

to evaluate marketing strategies and analyze and monitor visitor traffic at events and in regions, in real time and on a nationwide level

Marketing & Communication

for digital advertising and internal & external communication campaigns

IoT & autonomous things

to monitor sports equipment and infrastructure as well as environmental conditions during sporting events, and ensure physical safety at crowded venues

E-ticketing & e-commerce

for online sale of tickets to events and destinations, and purchase of complete packages

Virtual & augmented reality

to innovate and improve the selection and use of products and services

User experience

to improve the experience of participants and athlets in events and sports tourism


Almaviva for Sports

Smart Sport Platform

A platform for sports tourism that connects the organization of sporting events with the supply of tourist services, hospitality, and integrated and sustainable infomobility, in order to match supply and demand, through the use of a service dashboard that displays visitor flows and the typologies in the area.

The goals of the Smart Sport Platform are:

Planning and management

of the impact of tourism on a specific area, and mobility services availability

Promotion and preservation

of cultural heritage in areas hosting sporting events

Management of the carrying capacity

of a destination during major events or peaks due to high season


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