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"Data Governance in Public Administration: How Much Progress Has Been Made?”

"Data Governance in Public Administration: How Much Progress Has Been Made?”


CTO of Innovative Solutions Alessandro Mantelli intervened at the round table promoted by AlmavivA and Informatica

“Every day we produce far more data on the Internet alone than we can possibly analyze. Models of interoperability, federation, and management of data ownership still aren’t very standardized. We risk being overwhelmed by the amount of information and digital channels that surround us and distinguishing between quality information and noise is often difficult. Models of data monetization and value redistribution within a service economy made up of multiple players interacting through automatic and digital systems are still in their infancy.” These are the words of AlmavivA’s CTO of Innovative Solutions, Alessandro Mantelli, speaking at the round table organized by AlmavivA and Informatica entitled "Data Governance in the Public Administration: How Much Progress Has Been Made?”, a private meeting that saw the participation of Alessandro Alliney, Country Manager for Informatica, Alberto Villari, Data Governance and Privacy Domain Expert, and Alessandro Valassina, Business 360 Sales Specialist.

"Our experience,” continues Mantelli, “gained through hundreds of digital transformation projects, makes us aware that there is still a lot of work to do in order to address the challenges and seize the opportunities that growth presents in terms of the size and speed of the information universe. But, together with our clients in public administration, we have also acquired a profound awareness of the results that can be obtained, above all by having tools and skills available which allow us to recover time that can be devoted to activities of greater value and that improve quality of life."

In the new competitive market scenarios, it is no longer those who are stronger who prevail, but rather those who are best able to establish an ecosystem of win-win relationships.

With this in mind, over the years AlmavivA has consolidated partnerships with major players in the hardware and software solutions sector, in order to strengthen the brand and offer a complete range of value-added services. The partnership with Informatica, with which AlmavivA expands its expertise and positioning in the Data Governance sector, is strategic and allows it to offer its clients a complete, unified, and open solution, capable of integrating all company data sources.