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“Digital Innovation, the Most Effective Tool for Sustainable Progress”: Stefano Capelli, Head of Sustainability, interviewed by TechEconomy 2030

“Digital Innovation, the Most Effective Tool for Sustainable Progress”: Stefano Capelli, Head of Sustainability, interviewed by TechEconomy 2030


An engine for growth in the social, economic, and environmental domains: this is what digital technology can - and must - represent for sustainability.

“Over the last two decades we’ve come to realize that humanity’s progress must be based on principles of sustainability. Technological innovation is the most effective tool for fueling sustainable progress, provided we know how to maximize its positive impacts and minimize its negative ones.”

In his interview with TechEconomy 2030, Stefano Capelli - Head Sustainability and coordinator of Almaviva’s ESG committee and member of the Digital Sustainability Foundation’s steering committee (of which Almaviva is a part), talked about the close and virtuous relationship between digital technology and sustainability.

“The Almaviva Group is actively committed to achieving the SDGs defined by the United Nations in 2015 and has formulated an approach to sustainability that, following two main lines of action, integrates various environmental, social, and governance factors into business activities: offering products and services on the market which have a positive impact on sustainability in order to foster a responsible, ethical, inclusive, and environmentally friendly digital transition and consciously guiding aspects related to people’s lives, the quality of the environment, and corporate governance in how business activities are conducted, in line with international best practices and representing a benchmark for the various stakeholders involved.”

Capelli explains: “In addition to the primary ESG indicators, from the very beginning we wanted to add a fourth indicator related to ‘responsible digital transformation’, which even better characterizes our approach and our contribution to the markets in which we operate. The results of this journey are periodically and transparently reported in our financial statements and in the many ISO certifications that cover all areas of sustainability and digital technology.”

Digital technology and sustainability are thus two strategic and closely related elements. As Stefano Capelli explained, it is the strong awareness of this connection that directs the company's approach. “Almaviva's position regarding sustainability stems from an overall approach connected to our identity. For us, being an Italian leader in the IT sector means being a driver of innovation. And the term innovation implies a whole set of positive effects that have a 360-degree impact on ESG issues. We see innovation, particularly of the technological and digital kind, as a bringer of efficiency, inclusion, and savings.”