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On 13th December in Milan: “Digital Italy: how to avoid Year Zero”

On 13th December in Milan: “Digital Italy: how to avoid Year Zero”


General Manager Antonio Amati will be speaking at the Convention presenting results from the PoliMI Digital Innovation Observatory

What point has implementation of the Italian Digital Agenda reached? How many resources are available and what is the best way of utilising them? How is the range of digital technologies on offer structured in Italian PA and how should it evolve? How can effective switch-off initiatives be implemented in the public sphere?

These are the questions at the centre of the convention taking place on 13th December at Milan’s Bovisa Campus, which will explore how to accelerate the digital transformation of our country, through the results of the research carried out by the Politecnico di Milano School of Management Digital Innovation Observatory and a discussion between political representatives, AgID, the Digital Transformation team, public administrations and the businesses involved.

IT Division General Manager Antonio Amati will be taking part on behalf of AlmavivA.

AlmavivA supports the country’s growth processes, taking up the challenge that companies must face to remain competitive in the Absolute Digital era by innovating its own business model, organisation, company culture and ICT system.

The road leading to the concrete implementation of the Digital Agenda and the transformation of central and local administrative bodies passes via the Public Connectivity System (SPC), as set out by AgID and Consip in line with the Europe 2020 Strategy. AlmavivA, as the leader of the temporary association of companies which also includes Almawave, Indra and Pwc, SPC Cloud Batches 3 and 4 (dedicated to data interoperability services and sharing systems and the creation of PA portals and online services respectively), has a central role to play in nurturing the new strategic PA model in its objectives of simplification and inclusion.

In the last year, many central and local public administration bodies have signed up to - and launched - projects on a nationwide scale.

“The formula works”, says the General Manager of AlmavivA’s IT Division, “as it is an adaptable and flexible instrument which allows all PAs to take part in the digital evolution via streamlined, well-defined routes with clear costs”.

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