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“Growing at Samba-Pace”: CEO Marco Tripi’s Interview with Forbes

“Growing at Samba-Pace”: CEO Marco Tripi’s Interview with Forbes


“We’re the technology company in Italy that has grown the most in terms of percentage. We ended 2021 with a group revenue of about €1 billion, up 10% as compared to 2020 with a margin increase of 25%, quadrupled from 2016 to today.” In an interview with Forbes Italia, CEO of AlmavivA Group Marco Tripi describes the company’s state of health and prospects for growth.

“We’ve hired approximately 1500 people in Italy over the last two years, and in 2022 we ambitiously plan to hire another 1000.”

“Digital innovation is, today, a true excellence of Made in Italy - just like fashion and food - that we develop here and export”.

How did you achieve this?

“It’s the result of our extreme expertise in strategic sectors: for example, our experience and unique skills in IT projects for public administration, or the services and technologies that we develop for sustainable mobility, which also drive growth in foreign markets, come to mind.”

What are your strengths?

“Not only those of being entrepreneurs, developing assets, investing in skills, and having managerial control, but also the outstanding symbiosis between me and my father, who founded the Group, turned it into the important and solid company that it is today, and handed the reigns on to me.”