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AlmavivA: Salesforce Platinum Consulting Partner

AlmavivA: Salesforce Platinum Consulting Partner


Stronger positioning in the route to digital transformation of Italy's economic system

In the new competitive market scenarios, success is not determined by strength but by the ability to create an ecosystem of win-win relationships. Given this situation, over the years AlmavivA has consolidated partnerships with major players specializing in hardware and software solutions, with the aim of strengthening the brand and presenting a complete range of value-added services focusing on the ecosystem concept.

For some time, the network of strategic partnerships has increasingly represented an essential element in the value mix of the Almaviva Group, and the array of agreements has never been so broad and productive.

These agreements with large-scale players foster excellent opportunities and commercial synergies, and the flourishing relationship with Salesforce is no exception: today AlmavivA officially became a Platinum Consulting Partner of this top global brand for CRM in cloud solutions.

We have achieved this significant objective just one year after signing the partnership agreement with Salesforce, thanks to the enthusiastic teamwork demonstrated by our talent, our customers and our Partner's team. This has helped AlmavivA strengthen its position as a leader in the digital transformation of Italy's economic system.