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AlmavivA Learning Organization

AlmavivA Learning Organization


Digital video communication and sharing technologies are carrying out a fundamental role these days and “smart” solutions used by schools, businesses, training and conferences are on the rise. While we want to see full and dynamic classrooms again, we must recognize the extraordinary contribution made by innovation in ensuring people retain their rights on all levels. This is highlighted by the budget set out by the recent governmental decree to support distance learning, provide digital devices and network connections to underprivileged students and train personnel.

Fully committed to continuous training, the AlmavivA Group has been using eLearning platforms for some time; they allow the large-scale distribution of customized training courses to employees while encouraging, in some cases, the formation of real learning communities

The eLearning platforms are even more useful right now, when the company has had to cancel a series of classroom-based events which, in the AlmavivA Learning Organization model, integrate with the online training as well as a series of peer-to-peer training initiatives, where individual learning is transformed into collective learning, to help the company improve its ability to adapt to change and growth, becoming a shared asset in terms of the information, experiences, discoveries and evaluations offered by each individual.

Another essential feature of the eLearning platform is how well the service lends itself to customization and the approach focused on the requirements of the individual

“It is a question of bringing training to users and not the other way around,” states Chiara Anzellotti, AlmavivA Organizational Development Manager. “Everyone needs to choose the activities that are most useful for his/her company objectives, within a range of training opportunities, to acquire technical and business skills as well as highly important soft skills.

To do this, some years ago the AlmavivA Group chose the platform by Docebo, a global specialist in eLearning platforms based on Artificial Intelligence with a simply outstanding partnership portfolio. Almost fully focused on company training, the platform gives us around one hundred multimedia training modules, grouped by subject area: project management, personnel efficiency, digital skills. Options strongly linked to the Quality specifications that inform all company decisions. It can be accessed from any device, anywhere and at any time.