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TEADAL European Research Project: the Second Operational Plenary Meeting in Denia, Spain

TEADAL European Research Project: the Second Operational Plenary Meeting in Denia, Spain


The European Research Project “TEADAL - Trustworthy, Energy-Aware federated DAta Lakes along the computing continuum” (Call HORIZON-CL4-2021-DATA-01), of which Almaviva is a partner and the Politecnico di Milano is the scientific lead, is now underway. After the kick-off meeting held last September in Aveiro (PT), at the headquarters of lead partner Ubiwhere, the second operational plenary meeting began yesterday at Denia Hospital in Spain, home of partner Marina Salud.

The objective of the project is to test and produce innovative technologies for the creation of a trustworthy federation of data lakes that extends to both the cloud-edge continuum and the multi-cloud for optimized sharing of data and computation. Great importance will be given to the topics of privacy (at the level of individual participants as well as at the national and European level), confidentiality, and trust during the project, with both blockchain and machine learning technologies adopted in order to address them. All from the perspective of maximizing the energy efficiency of both individual extended data lakes and the entire federation of data lakes. Almaviva is contributing to the various themes of the project and is responsible for the integration, testing, and validation activities of the six pilots that will be implemented in different European cities.

The objective of the two-day event is to study and analyze the pilots outlined in the project. Of these, two will take place in Italy, involving Regione Toscana and AMTS Catania, with, respectively, the pilots “Regional Planning for Enviromental Sustainability” and “Regional and National Access Point for Mobility”. During the meeting the architecture of the TEADAL solution will also be further studied, evaluating the extension of the Data Mesh approach as a research thread and taking stock of the progress of the entire project.

Alessandra Raffone and Sergio Sestili will participate on behalf of Almaviva. Connecting remotely: Eleonora Caldaroni, Carmine Cisca, Antonio Retico, Emanuele D'Agostini, Fabio Previtali, Samantha Hine, Vincenzo Cirillo, and Olango Temesgen.