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Digital peaks: Benetton "The country's relaunch begins in Cortina." Tripi "The digital world ally to the restart"

Digital peaks: Benetton "The country's relaunch begins in Cortina." Tripi "The digital world ally to the restart"


​“Conceiving a large event as an opportunity to restart and new energy for the community, as well as a great showcase for our country.” Alessandro Benetton, Chairman of Fondazione Cortina 2021, began his speech on the live streaming digital peaks, broadcast from the world skiing championships. A discussion on sport and innovation, on environmental and economic sustainability, with AlmavivA CEO Alberto Tripi, moderated by Corriere della Sera columnist and Corriere Innovazione Manager, Massimo Sideri.

On the day that the Prime Minister presented his plan for the country to the senate, Alessandro Benetton highlighted the close connection between life, economy and sport.

The entrepreneur Tripi pointed out how we Italians “know how to react like no one else in the world. Thanks in part to teamwork: team sports help us understand what it means to work with others, in a company and in institutions.”

“We need to think about new growth models, thanks to innovation, sustainability and new technologies with a medium and long term approach to look to the future more optimistically”, Benetton added. “In order to take a turn at top speed, you have to look as far forward as possible, as Schumacher can teach us. The world championships are an opportunity, the great event for renewal, an occasion for the relaunch that will have a structured coronation with the 2026 Olympics.”

“The entrepreneur’s approach is always optimistic and this time I am very optimistic”, AlmavivA’s CEO, Tripi, stated.

“In Italy, we have proven to be skilled in the digital field and the world championship ecosystem is an example of this. With Fondazione Cortina, Anas, CAV and Veneto Strade we are creating a standard-setting experience on the European stage with smart roads and the control and monitoring center for safe mobility of people and vehicles”, Tripi added, “and the dramatic emergency that we are in has also taught us that technology is not an enemy. It is a resource, a friend, a companion.” ​

Watch the video interview at this link​.