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Rouge at Berlin’s Fruit Logistica 2020

Rouge at Berlin’s Fruit Logistica 2020


This week AlmavivA’s hi-tech protection for the Red Orange of Sicily (GPI) arrives in Europe

The Rouge project (“Red Orange Upgrading Green Economy”) is about to hit Berlin where 80,000 sector operators coming from every corner of the globe will be thronging the most important fruit-and-vegetable trade fair in the world between February 5 and 7.

AlmavivA will be by the side of the Consorzio di Tutela (supervisory syndicate) for the Red Orange of Sicily (PGI) in the Italian Fruit Village of Berlin Messe to illustrate its smart traceability solutions based on Blockchain technology, Agriculture 4.0 models and the tenets of Green Economy aimed at protecting producers and consumers.

Rouge provides a guarantee and guards against counterfeiting, helping this outstanding fruit to travel everywhere with ease. A hi-tech sticker contains information on the product’s origins and characteristics, facilitates customs procedures and monitors the condition and temperature of the oranges during transport.

Need further details? Read the press release