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Courses for transversal skills and orientation: “alternanza scuola-lavoro@AlmavivA” sandwich course

Courses for transversal skills and orientation: “alternanza scuola-lavoro@AlmavivA” sandwich course


Chief Human Resources Officer Marina Irace to speak at CNEL today

Today the topic of sandwich courses is being discussed at the Italian National Council for Economics and Labour. The AlmavivA experience will be described by Marina Irace, Human Resources Director of the Group.

“The value of the AlmavivA Sandwich Course project is in accompanying students along a path which develops technological skills while enhancing the transversal soft skills required in the professional world. We have responded to regional requirements, involving central and peripheral areas, in collaboration with various types of Institute, from technical higher education colleges to grammar schools, and we have worked alongside the students to create Project Work on frontier technology such as IoT and augmented reality”, Irace said.

AlmavivA has played a role in sandwich courses since 2015. Over time we have developed projects with the ITIS Armellini technical college, the IIS Leonardo da Vinci higher education institution and the Liceo Visconti grammar school in Rome. Thanks to a group of passionate tutors - AlmavivA experts in the programming and development of IT platforms - around one hundred students have been able to try their hand at highly tangible creations involving disruptive technologies: Corporate Social Networks, virtual Cloud classrooms, geolocalisation solutions, Apps with data generated by wearable devices and much more.

And we are ready for next year, convinced of the usefulness of an initiative which emphasises the concept of schools open to the venture and meaningful innovation, and of a teaching and learning method which enhances inter-generational communication: in state-run schools the selection process identifying the students we will be taking in as part of the “alternanza scuola-lavoro@AlmavivA 2019” sandwich course has already begun.

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