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Ticket Purchase via ATM: AlmavivA alongside Unico Campania

Ticket Purchase via ATM: AlmavivA alongside Unico Campania


The payment of public transportation services through the PagoBancomat circuit for residents and travelers who get around Campania on the EAV railway lines, the ANM subway network (including the Neapolitan funiculars), and the Alibus shuttle was inaugurated on Tuesday in Naples. The service will later be extended to buses as well.

At the foundation of the system is the powerful calculation engine, created by AlmavivA on the MOOVA platform, which, thanks to complex and specific algorithms, calculates the amount to be charged to one’s credit or debit card, according to best fare logic.

“Thanks to the partnership with Unico Campania, we’re moving, step by step, towards the mobility of the future and MaaS, towards a seamless mobility that’s capable of intercepting and satisfying the needs and desires of travelers,” said Stefano Toticchi, Director of AlmavivA’s Systems Area for Intermodal Transport.