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Valore D

Valore D

Our commitment to gender equality and the promotion of female talent

In 2022, Almaviva joined Valore D, a business association that has been active in Italy for over ten years and that focuses on gender equality and promoting an inclusive culture within Italy’s organizations.

Always attentive to gender equality, Almaviva strengthens its position in support of the values of equal opportunity and inclusion, taking a stand against discrimination of any kind, in the firm belief that greater diversity brings a greater capacity for innovation and creativity and contributes to successfully handling the challenges posed by a market undergoing profound transformations.

“Companies have the responsibility to integrate and steer a culture that promotes the topic of gender inclusion and plays an important role in effecting real change within the corporate and social fabric,” commented Marina Irace, Chief Human Resources Officer for Almaviva Group. “By joining Valore D, we’ve expanded our commitment to gender equality and to the promotion of female talent within the company, also thanks to training and awareness-raising initiatives, role modeling, and projects that promote the involvement of young women in STEM disciplines".

To learn more on Valore D, visit its website.