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Almaviva Posidonia Oceanica Meadow

Almaviva Posidonia Oceanica Meadow

A small step to reduce the carbon footprint

One of the initiatives which is fearest to Almaviva is the planting of a Posidonia Oceanica meadow in the Sardinian Sea.

On the occasion of World Environment Day 2022 “Only One Earth”, 2,500 posidonia oceanica cuttings were planted in the seabed of Sardinia’s Golfo Aranci.

The company has reaffirmed its commitment to environmental sustainability by supporting the zeroCO2 project in partnership with Worldrise Onlus: a sea meadow to which Almaviva contributed by planting approximately 400 cuttings, equal to a surface area of 16 square meters of plants.

Posidonia Oceanica is the most important plant in the Mediterranean Sea. It creates underwater meadows that produce oxygen, absorb carbon dioxide, produce biomass and nutrients, strengthen the seabed and prevent coastal erosion, and serve as a habitat in which fish can live and reproduce. It is a plant at risk due to rising temperatures, the acidification of the oceans, illegal trawling along the coast, and indiscriminate anchoring.

Almaviva Posidonia Oceanica Meadow is a small step to remind us that nature is a perfect mosaic of ecosystems which make our planet special.

Every gesture, even the smallest one, is an important reminder that nature is a perfect mosaic of ecosystems, the balance of which must be preserved.

The well-being of the environment is one of AlmavivA’s fundamental and shared corporate values. The objective is to limit our environmental impact, our carbon footprint, and our contribution to climate change by participating in land and marine reforestation projects, reducing our energy consumption, raising awareness about and participating in sustainability culture, and creating digital systems for agriculture and for the efficient consumption of energy and resources.​