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Almaviva with I Bambini delle Fate

Almaviva with I Bambini delle Fate

Social responsibility & enterprise

In 2023, Almaviva began its journey with I Bambini delle Fate (the Fairy Children), a social enterprise that provides financial support for social inclusion projects and initiatives managed by third-sector associations and organizations, dedicated to children with autism and other disabilities.

The main objective that Almaviva shares with I Bambini delle Fate is to spread an alternative and positive vision of autism and every form of diversity through a significant social communication campaign that highlights the potential of these children and the enormous strength of their families, without denying or minimizing the weight of the daily challenges and struggles that they face.

A vision embraced by many. Since 2005, the year in which I Bambini delle Fate was founded bybusinessman Franco Antonello from Castelfranco Veneto, the organization has grown exponentially, expanding to support social inclusion projects in almost every Italian region. The objective is to achieve nationwide coverage and to export this model, in which social initiatives break free from welfare-oriented approaches, to other Countries.

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Toward the setup of a solidarity-based economy district

Since 2005, through an extensive network of collaborators, I Bambini delle Fate has been actively encouraging entrepreneurs and citizens to adopt and support long-term inclusion projects.

As part of its collaboration with I Bambini delle Fate, Almaviva has decided to support the Padova Città Sociale project, run by the ViViAutismo OdV Association and DiversityLife Foundation. This initiative aims to create what is currently lacking in one of the main cities where Almaviva operates: effective and efficient services that care for people from childhood all the way to adulthood, support for families throughout the life of their child with intellectual disabilities, specialized services for adolescents and adults with autism spectrum disorders, places designed for residential care, and planning for the "during" and "after” phases of individuals’ lives.

Disability as a value rather than a cost and the development of human, social, and economic values. The interconnection between the most vulnerable individuals and the relationship between the third sector, for-profit companies, public institutions, and citizens is the innovative aspect that positions the Padova Città Sociale project to become a solidarity-based economy district.

Learn more about Franco and Andrea Antonello and I Bambini delle Fate: visit the social enterprise’s website.