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Almaviva Runners

Almaviva Runners

Loyalty and cooperation, passion and fun, fairness and solidarity, strength and determination

Sport occupies a privileged position in the corporate culture that Almaviva Group upholds every day. From the earliest days of its business plan, Almaviva has always considered sport to be essential to an organization’s well-being. Thanks to its metaphorical significance and a set of values that resonate with a company in which individual excellence and teamwork must be expressed to their fullest in order to achieve the necessary competitive advantage.

Since then, from rugby to soccer and from skiing to tennis, Almaviva has promoted dozens of athletic “championships” for its employees, attracting the participation of hundreds of aficionados who are looking for a different way to be together. And every evening, for those who prefer to foster relaxation and concentration while improving their posture and breath control, Iyengar yoga, Tàijíquán, and postural gymnastics are offered in the company’s Rome office.

Almaviva’s "crown jewel" is its running team, affiliated with the Lazio section of FIDAL - Federazione Italiana Di Atletica Leggera [Italian Federation of Athletics]. Not all champions, not all athletes, Almaviva Runners have been participating in major national races since 2012, knowing that if the target is important, then the courage to start is priceless.

They are Almaviva’s standard-bearers in solidarity-based competitions. One race stands out: the Race for the Cure, the largest international event in the fight against breast cancer, in which Almaviva has participated for more than ten years and each year is recognized as one of the largest teams.