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Almaviva for ASPHI

Almaviva for ASPHI

Information technology and disability

30 years of projects promoting the autonomy and inclusion of the most frail thanks to ICT technology

In Almaviva Group's solidarity ecosystem, the activities of the Fondazione ASPHI Onlus hold a special place. The nonprofit social organization has been working with information technology and disability for decades, with the objective of promoting the autonomy and inclusion of disadvantaged and disabled people in all contexts of life, through the use of digital technologies.

ASPHI activities that we support, address people with sensory, physical, mental, and cognitive impairments. And they also extend to the family members, caregivers, faculty and colleagues who live and work with them.

ASPHI’s preferred mode of operation consists of projects and activities that are aimed at solving well-identified, specific problems, with precise and exact commitments in terms of the objectives to be achieved, the resources to be used, costs, and time frame. To this end, it draws from its own expertise and that of qualified partners from the world of non-profits, research, industry, public agencies, and higher education. ​Like Almaviva, which supports the non-profit organization's journey with its commitment and expertise.

To learn more about ASPHI Onlus, visit the Fondazione website.