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Almawave: new brand identity. A wave in the AI universe

Almawave: new brand identity. A wave in the AI universe


“The value and energy of innovation in the new logo. An idea of continuous evolution in support of the competitiveness of enterprises and local government”, Almawave CEO Valeria Sandei emphasizes

Rome, 18 February 2021 – Almawave, a leading Italian company in Artificial Intelligence and the analysis of natural, written and spoken language, formalizes the implementation of a new company logo and the launch of the new website today.

A wave in motion, like the constant movement of digital innovation. The chosen image represents the initials of the two words that make up the company name Almawave, in other words “A” (Alma) and “W” (wave). The graphic used to create it is a perfect geometrical progression of six rings which alternate so that, all together, they form a real wave. This shape, used to represent the voice, is a clear reference to speech recognition, one of the major strong points that the company has to offer, based on natural interaction with technology.

“From its origins, Almawave has been committed to being a fundamental travel companion in the digitalization processes of both local government and private customers”, Valeria Sandei points out, Chief Executive Officer of Almawave. “The new logo depicts a stylized wave that embodies the energy our professionals put into practice by offering concrete solutions that are in line with the times in the complex AI world.”

The introduction of Almawave’s new symbolic image also reflects the intention to represent for its stakeholders the identity of a dynamic company which is one of the most advanced in the world of AI.

At the same time, the new website represents the company, its values and its know-how at a glance, with simple, yet complete content. Created in collaboration with professionals from WEDOO, a digital agency which, like Almawave, is part of the AlmavivA Group, it has high-impact graphics that favor ease of use in a functional and intuitive logic.