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Fondazione Cortina 2021 and AlmavivA launch a digital system for safe and smart mobility

Fondazione Cortina 2021 and AlmavivA launch a digital system for safe and smart mobility


Innovative solutions from AlmavivA, partner of Cortina 2021, at the Alpine skiing world championships for a new and safe tourist experience. Real time monitoring of viability, available parking, slopes, resorts and shuttles, accessibility to points of interest without lines and gatherings. Useful information for the public on mobile App

Cortina d’Ampezzo (BL), 9 December 2020 – Digital innovation at the service of top level sports and fans for mobility worthy of champions on the track and on the road. Fondazione Cortina 2021 and AlmavivA launch an integrated and entirely digital system that will allow a smart, safe and more sustainable mountain experience.

AlmavivA, Technical Partner of Cortina 2021, brings the “Moova Mobility Service Center” to the Alpine skiing world championship. The Italian Information Technology company, a leader in the transport and Digital Transformation sector, will provide a “Situation Room” for the event scheduled to take place in Cortina d’Ampezzo from 7 through 21 February 2021. The room has been custom designed to facilitate mobility in the territory, enhancing the synergy between all the players involved. The system, set up in the Foundation’s spaces, will allow Cortina 2021 to view the integrated data on mobility provided by Veneto road and infrastructure operators, as well as open data, in a single solution.

Safety, sustainability and logistics are the keys to a successful event. From a Smart Road and Smart City standpoint, the features of the Situation Room allow real-time monitoring of road conditions, video surveillance in critical points for traffic management, abnormal events associated with mobility (e.g. Accidents, traffic, atmospheric events), updates on the weather, available parking, medical and anti-Covid facilities, distributors and the location of shuttles, also integrated by information and services related to the primary places of interest. The infomobility section of the Cortina 2021 App will also provide the general public with real-time updates using a dynamic map.

After the World Championships, this experience will serve as a base for the development of further forms of smart transportation and integrated services for sustainable mobility to benefit residents and tourists, in complete harmony with the Cortina 2021 mission of creating a lasting legacy for the community and the territory.

“What we are presenting today is a small, large revolution for the mountain tourism experience that will let us rethink, plan and organize mobility on a local level, minimizing traffic on the road and streamlining travel between different areas of our town from a standpoint of greater sustainability”, stated Valerio Giacobbi, Managing Director of Fondazione Cortina 2021. “Once again, the World Championships are proving to be a fundamental driver of development and transformation to rethink practices and systems, helping us find innovative solutions to combine the development of tourism in the Queen of the Dolomites with the essential attention to an extraordinary territory, part of the UNESCO World Heritage Dolomites.”

“Quality of performance, strong focus on results and constant commitment are goals that guide AlmavivA’s operations and which are at the base of every sport in its highest expression”, commented Smeraldo Fiorentini, Transportation General Director for AlmavivA. “We are pleased to be a partner of Cortina 2021 and to bring our contribution of digital innovation with the integrated Moova mobility platform to this globally relevant event rooted in the Veneto territory, where we have collaborated for some time. Working alongside companies and public administrations in a digital transformation that brings value is our mission. We are able to do this because of our skills, experience and ‘Made in Italy’ know-how, using the most advanced technologies.”