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EU: AlmavivA IT applications and system in the area of Customs

EU: AlmavivA IT applications and system in the area of Customs


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AlmavivA, in an association of companies with European Dynamics, was awarded the TIMEA 3 call for tenders, for the consulting and the development and management of the applications and IT services of the Directorate General Taxation and Customs Union (DG TAXUD) of the European Commission. The TAXUD Directorate General is responsible for the EU policy on taxation and customs.

The overall value of the framework agreement is around Euro 96 million in 5 years. It is a contract of particular importance in view of the entry in force of the Customs Code of the Union (UCC) in the next few years and the impact of a potential Brexit on the internal market of the European Union.

The awarding of the EU tender for the TAXUD Directorate General is an opportunity for the AlmavivA Group which, also by virtue of its own experience in the MEF and SOGEI, can initiate important synergies in Italy and in the European Union by bringing together the knowledge of the problems accrued in the area of taxation.

“AlmavivA’s internationalization plan, and that of its Belgian associate, continues with a strategy that strengthens the position of the Group in the world of Community Institutions” - explains Gianfranco Previtera, Director of the AlmavivA International Market of IT Services.

“In a competitive, crowded market in which skills and cost containment increasingly become the key for the acquisition of new opportunities - comments Fabio Mazzarini, CEO of AlmavivA de Belgique - AlmavivA has the history, the capacity and the size to be able to excel. We foresee excellent prospects for the future and commit every day on continuing to grow.”