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Merry Christmas in 10 words: AlmavivA and Parole O_Stili for a welcoming and safe network

Merry Christmas in 10 words: AlmavivA and Parole O_Stili for a welcoming and safe network


“Give a word as a gift for illuminating the future” is the Christmas initiative of the AlmavivA Group, in collaboration with Parole O_Stili, for sensitizing people on the value of words, an essential aspect of our coexistence and mutual respect

Rome, December 21st 2020 - At Christmas AlmavivA chooses the word “Abbraccio” (Embrace) as a gift, along with a digital Christmas card depicting a starry sky in which each star represents a word which can be given as a gift. Ten words in all that illuminate the future.

The “Words illuminate” project is organized in collaboration with Parole O_Stili, which AlmavivA supports in the diffusion of the charter (the Parole O_Stili Manifesto of Non-Hostile Communication) containing ten useful principles for improving the style and behavior of online communication, and not only.

“The Web is perhaps humanity’s most inhabited environment, an open and free space that too often becomes a space dominated by conflict and rage. Given its focus on digital innovation, AlmavivA believes in the role of growth, inclusion and opportunities that the Web can offer in building the future. With this project we emphasize the formative and informative value of words, to help make the Web a welcoming, aware and safe place for all,” declared Michele Svidercoschi, Chief Communications and Institutional Relations Officer of AlmavivA.

The Christmas card in electronic format, link to a landing page: “Words illuminate” (AlmavivA.it) which opens up a starry sky with ten stars which, when clicked, reveal words inspired by the ten principles of the manifesto, which can be chosen as a gift to send.

“We have chosen to wish the word ‘embrace’,” explains Svidercoschi, “a term that evokes a natural and spontaneous gesture at a time characterized by social distancing.” The other words are Courage, Listening, Time, Ideas, Together, Awareness, Possibility, Sharing, Trust.

“Rarely like this year have we had the opportunity to reflect on the importance of words, also those that for different reasons we were unable to speak”. Together with AlmavivA we have created a “facilitator” of words, a simple but useful tool for dedicating, over the Christmas period, words of hope and closeness to those who make up our existence in varying degrees and also our daily lives,” said Rosy Russo, the President of Parole O_Stili.” Because now that we have to stay apart, gentle words can become the finest hugs and the most intense embraces.”

The card was produced in digital format only, to underline the Group’s commitment in terms of eco-sustainability, which is among the principles inspiring the corporate social responsibility actions of AlmavivA.

In this context, AlmavivA recently gave a tree as a gift to 5,000 people of the Group, to underline in a simple and concrete way how to “take care of oneself” as an active component of the corporate culture. It is part of the Green initiatives by AlmavivA, which over the course of 2020 planted a small forest in partnership with ZeroCO2, a young Italian startup engaged in reforestation activities in Guatemala to counter the climate crisis, with a considerable social impact. The people of AlmavivA are the custodians of this forest and each person can take care of their tree and keep track of its growth through a unique personal code. Sensors and video cameras provide updated information on the state of the tree.